Monday, March 24, 2008

From the Editor: Recent Visitors to Methodists United

In the short week that has been live, I have been pleased at the number of submissions and at the number of hits to the site. As I checked with the company that is providing analysis of hits to the site, I am pleased to see that persons in other parts of the country (and in one case, in another part of the world) are visiting the site. The above shows the areas from which the 214 hits from 123 unique visitors this first week have come.

Thanks for spreading the word. Keep it up and encourage your friends or family in other parts of the country/world to share their stories.

It may be a story of acceptance by a congregation or it may be a story where one is forced to live in the closet regarding sexuality in order to be able to worship or it may be a story where one has been not accepted into a congregation because of one's sexuality. All stories are important.

Your story is powerful and compelling and can help others understand why the United Methodist Church MUST be a church that welcomes all. Email it to

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